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Macaroon Mess

Once more I apolagise for my absence! My exams are next week so after that I shall be able to give this blog my full attention!


I have always admired macaroons, they are so pretty and colorful, when I see them on the television or in markets they always look so simple. I thought that they would be perfect for the blog! But once more, disaster struck! They were going so well, I followed the recipe exactly and the mixture tasted right but when I took them out of the oven they were all flat and most refused to come off of the baking tray, despite my special non-stick sheet. I was also slightly ambitious I admit, as I had only tasted macaroons once or twice before, so when I tasted them I wasn’t very keen, or that might just be because of my cooking, I’m not sure. Eventually though we had them in a bowl with some mascarpone and strawberries, which was quite delicious.

I was hoping for a nice photo like this




But instead I got this



For this photo I was going for the “birds nest” look, just to make the macaroons look more interesting, the messy macaroons and mascarpone is the nest and the strawberries are the eggs.

Meggy x


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  1. Well, if you had called it ‘Eton Mess’ nobody would have been any the wiser. In an Eton Mess the meringues are all broken up too (on purpose). As Delia Smith says, it is a recipe for nervous meringue makers.
    Tasted great though!

  2. Keep practicing! Macarons are not easy to make. If they were stuck to the baking tray then perhaps you have overworked the batter – with macarons, if you slightly overfold/underfold = ruined!! 🙂 The other thing that comes to mind is try keeping them in the oven a little bit longer – they look undercooked to me. The cream looks delicious though 🙂 btw, I recommend investing in The Macaron Master – it’s a step-by-step illustrated guide that shows how to create bakery quality macarons. Thanks for sharing your macaron story!


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