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Macaroon Mess

Once more I apolagise for my absence! My exams are next week so after that I shall be able to give this blog my full attention!


I have always admired macaroons, they are so pretty and colorful, when I see them on the television or in markets they always look so simple. I thought that they would be perfect for the blog! But once more, disaster struck! They were going so well, I followed the recipe exactly and the mixture tasted right but when I took them out of the oven they were all flat and most refused to come off of the baking tray, despite my special non-stick sheet. I was also slightly ambitious I admit, as I had only tasted macaroons once or twice before, so when I tasted them I wasn’t very keen, or that might just be because of my cooking, I’m not sure. Eventually though we had them in a bowl with some mascarpone and strawberries, which was quite delicious.

I was hoping for a nice photo like this




But instead I got this



For this photo I was going for the “birds nest” look, just to make the macaroons look more interesting, the messy macaroons and mascarpone is the nest and the strawberries are the eggs.

Meggy x